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Collect more money by sending direct links to donation pages and track link clicks


List segmentation allows you to target big groups of subscribers with highly targeted messages


Our easy to use texts system allows you to send a message in just 20 seconds


Individual reply feature allow true one to one texting providing amazing customer experience

Givingtext.org : Text Marketing Features

Givingtext.org gives non profits a better way to communicate with staff, volunteers, donors, prospect donors, foundations, adviser and everyone else!


If you can send email, you can send a group text. Send a message in 20 seconds.

  • Easy to use
  • Send Now or Schedule Future
  • SMS or MMS (Picture) Messages


List segmentation allows you to send the perfect message. Link tracking allows you see engagement rates.

  • Click Tracking
  • SMS or MMS Enabled
  • Unlimited Lists for segmentation


The givingtext.org drip campaigns allows for nearly unlimited followup. Launch new sequence based on lists or keywords

  • Automated Followup
  • Scheduled Sends
  • Account Specific Keywords


Get your own phone number for communication with your group. No need to share, and no keywords limitations.

  • Optional Shared Short Code Available
  • Advanced Number Rotation Technology For High Volume

More Features

API Platforms + Integrations

Givingtext.org works with most major email + CRM platforms. We use the Zapier integration tool for ease of use

The Givingtext.org Numbers

Over 121.5 Million Text Messages Sent!

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FAQ's + Resources

Get All Your Questions Answered right here. If Your Question Isn’t Here Please Email Us

What is the cost of each message?

Credits in the Givingtext.org system are 1 penny each. Every SMS message is 1 credit… and if you send an MMS message it’s 2 credits.

What is a shared shortcode?

There are two types of texting numbers… a long code (a normal 10 digit phone number) or a short code (a 5 or 6 digit code). Long codes are dedicated – meaning your testing phone number is unique to you. Shortcodes are expensive, so we have one shortcode 99888 that is share by users.

Can I see who reads my texts?

Unfortunately, texting technology does not allow us (or anyone else) to see who reads or interacts with a specific text message. That said, we have the ability to include tracking links in your messages so we can see the number of times your link gets clicked!

Do you have an APP?

The fastest way to access the givingtext.org system from your phone is through your web browser. The entire website is mobile enabled and provides lightning fast performance.

Can I send more than 160 characters in a message?

Standard SMS messages are limited to 160 characters. If you choose to send using a MMS message format, you can send up to 300 characters in one message!

How do people sign up for my texting list?

The easiest way to get signups is to have your contact simply text in the keyword of your choice to your texting number (either long code or short code)

Do you require a long term contract?

No – Never. All of our plans are month to month. You can cancel at any time and not worry about being tied down to a long term contract.

Givingtext.org Eligibility

Does Your Organization Qualify for GivingText.org?

Charities, nonprofits, and good cause organizations who want to use Givingtext.org should be 501(c)3 organizations qualified by the Internal Revenue Service, B-Corp certified organizations that align with our objectives and focus, Canadian charities registered with the Canadian Revenue Agency, or good cause organizations with a solid track record of success. We may request proof of status information from any organization using the GivingText.org platform.

All participants in the GivingText.org platform must also adhere to the GivingText.org Acceptable Use Policy.

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